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Reactivity and aggression issues can quickly become overwhelming and isolating for you and your dog. But trust us when we say, you’re not alone! If you’re experiencing leash aggression, resource guarding, or biting/growling towards people or dogs, this program is for you. Like our Basic Foundational program, our Behavior Modification program is an open ended 6-10 week time frame, allowing us to customize and work with your dog at their pace. Our goal for every dog going through this extended program is that they not only overcome some of those undesirable behavioral issues but that you also receive a well rounded, confident and balanced dog by the end of their program. 

There are two check-in lessons during your dog's stay with us, along with an integration back home and a follow up lesson at the end of their program. 

All of our programs require an in-person evaluation prior to signing up. Click the link below to get started!

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