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I grew up on a horse farm in North Georgia with a love for living and working with animals. While finishing my anthropology degree in 2008, I started working part time at a dog daycare/boarding facility and admittedly never left the dog world! Soon after starting work there, my partner and I adopted two young puppies from a rescue and quickly found ourselves in over our heads. This rambunctious duo had what felt like every problem behavior in the book and we needed professional help.


Watching their behavior and our relationship with them improve with training, I became enamored with the process of creating common communication with our four-legged counterparts. Once given the right tools, I was able to transition from avoiding specific situations to problem solving our way through them. As a result, I gained the confidence to do so much more with my dogs.


My passion for improving my own relationship with my dogs drove me to seek an internship with a local company where I worked for the next six years helping other owners get the best out of their own dogs. Since 2014 I have grown my skills as a dog trainer working with everything from puppies in developmental stages; basic and advance obedience for adult dogs; to helping dogs with serious behavioral issues such as resource guarding, reactivity and aggression. When I am not working with clients’ dogs I enjoy hiking, traveling and competing with my own dogs in various sports.

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