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Our Foundation program is an immersive experience designed to improve the relationship you have with your canine family member from the ground up. This program is ideal for building a solid foundation for obedience skills to be applied in real world situations and tackling everyday nuisance behaviors such as pulling on leash, jumping, excessive barking, restlessness and more.

This program, like our others, is centered around building motivation first so that your dog not only gains advanced obedience skills but enjoys learning and training with you as well! Based on your goals and your dog's needs we can customize this program to emphasize the skills your dog will need to be a manageable and obedient member of your household. 

Once your dog is ready to come home we work closely with you through a series of private lessons to ensure you feel confident and proficient with all the skills you need to continue your dog's progress long after they've left us! 

All of our programs must start with a scheduled evaluation. Click the link below to get started! 

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