Reactivity and aggression issues can quickly become overwhelming and isolating for you and your dog. But trust us when we say, you’re not alone! If you’re experiencing leash aggression, resource guarding, or biting/growling towards people or dogs, this program is for you. During this 28 day program we will focus on sourcing your dog’s behavioral issues, create structure to build confidence, lay a solid foundation for clear communication and work on practicing these skills in real life situations. While some dogs may need longer and some behaviors cannot simply be trained out of a dog, we will give you the tools and confidence to manage your dog successfully when they come home.


What your dog will learn and what you get from this package:


• 4 full weeks of daily training, additional days may be added if necessary

• E-collar

• Herm Sprenger prong collar

• Basket muzzle and muzzle training, if needed

• Solid understanding and practice of basic commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Place, Come, Leave it

• Proofing of basic commands in stimulating environments designed to challenge your dog but set them up for success

• Socialization with safety in mind

• Crate and threshold training/manners

• Gained confidence with a calmer mindset and stronger engagement

• 2 hour lesson the day your dog comes home

• 2 Follow up lessons starting 1 week after dog has been home

• Unlimited help for the lifetime of the dog via email or phone

• A bath before going home