You’ve got a new puppy, congrats! While puppies can be exciting and an absolute joy, plainly put, they can also be a lot! Let us help get your puppy started off on the right paw during their most critical learning age. This program will help tackle crate training, potty training, exposure to loose leash walking, safe socialization and a head start on basic skills like sit, down, stay and coming when called! This program is ideal for puppies 5 months and under and is centered around teaching your puppy the value in staying engaged with you (the cornerstone of all training!). We will work with you when your puppy comes home to help implement the right structure, set boundaries and learn the skills to set your puppy up for a successful future.


What your puppy will learn and what you get with this program:


• A martingale collar or slip lead leash

• Introduction to basic commands: sit, down, stay, come, place, luring

• Solid understanding of communication marker system: yes, good, no, break

• Gained basic leash skills

• Gained confidence and engagement

• Crate training • Introduction to potty training

• Socialization (other puppies, appropriate dogs, people, places, etc.)

• 2 hour lesson the day your puppy comes home

• 1 hour lesson a week after your puppy has been home

• 3 months of unlimited email help