Our Foundations program is here to tackle those naughty behaviors your dog practices all too often. Jumping, pulling on the leash, darting out the door, excessive excitability when greeting guests or seeing new dogs. If this feels familiar, read on! By laying the foundation for basic manners and obedience skills, this program is aimed to create clear communication between you and your dog, resulting in a happier and well-balanced family member. While with us your dog will stay in the trainer’s home and take field trips daily to practice their new skills in a variety of distracting environments. At the end of the 2 week program we work with you and your dog to ensure you have the tools you need to maintain the new skills your dogs has gained long after they settle back in at home!


What your dog will learn and what you get from this package:


• 2 full weeks of daily training

• E-collar

• Herm Sprenger prong collar (if needed)

• Solid understanding and practice of basic commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Place, Come, Leave it

• The ability for your dog to follow through with above listed commands in a variety of real world environments

• Off leash reliability in a variety of environments

• Socialization suited to your dog’s comfort level/desire (every dog is different!)

• Crate and threshold training/manners

• Gained confidence with a calmer mindset and strong engagement

• Daily updates via email or text

• 2 hour lesson the day your dog comes home

• 1 Follow up lesson 2 weeks after dog has been home

• Unlimited help for the lifetime of the dog via email or phone

• A bath before coming home